Cam Expert on Linux

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Cam Expert on Linux

Post by frankv » Sun May 31, 2009 10:47 pm


I own QCad Professional, but now I wish to trial CAM Expert, I am running Ubuntu 8.04 and 9.04. for some reason it will not run. ?I have downloaded and tried both versions. On the web page my distro is not mentioned, unlike in QCad. Is this an omission or is it because CAM expert will not run on my distro ? It would be nice to know before I spend a lot of time playing. Any tips if its just me, QCad was easy to get up and running.

Also it seems from reading the forum that Qcad is part of CAM expert, do I need to pay the full price again ? as I already have a QCad licence.

Once I have tested CAM expert I would be purchasing it. My plan is to use it to generate the G-Code for the EMC2 program( operating my Rockcliffe cnc machine once built, so do you know if they work together ?

Also do you recommend any books to use with CAM Expert. The QCad book is great, something like that would be great as I am a newbie to CNC



ps I did try the direct email but so far I have not had a reply so in case there is a problem I am trying this route so that I can be contacted via the forum or on the forum private messages. :)
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