Command Line Tools under macOS

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Command Line Tools under macOS

Post by andrew » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:28 pm

Under Mac OS X, applications are bundled into so called Application Bundles. In the case of QCAD Professional, the application bundle is called "".

The command line tools of QCAD are located inside the application bundle under "Contents/Resources".

If you have installed QCAD Professional into your application folder, you can start the QCAD command line tools or start QCAD from the command line as follows:

- Open the Terminal application
- Change into the /Application folder

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cd /Applications
- Change into the QCAD-Pro application bundle:

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- Launch the command line tool, for example:

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./dwg2maptiles -o ~/Desktop/flange ./examples/flange.dxf
- Or launch QCAD:

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More information about the QCAD command line tools is available on our web site at: ... line-tools

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