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Selecting Entities

Post by andrew » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:28 pm

There are various ways to select entities in QCAD from simply clicking them to using advanced logical operations on selections.

Clicking Entities One by One

You can select entities by clicking on them with the left mouse button.
If other entities are selected, they will no longer be selected and the clicked entity will be selected instead of them.
By holding down the Shift-key, you can add entities to an existing selection. This way, you can select multiple entities by clicking on them.

Selecting all Entities Inside a Rectangular Area

You can select entities inside a rectangular as follows:
- Move the mouse cursor to the first corner at the top left of the rectangular area
- Press and hold the left mouse button
- Drag the mouse cursor to the diagonally opposite corner of the area
- Let go of the left mouse button
All entities that are completely within the rectangular area area selected. If you wish to add to an existing selection, hold down the Shift key while letting go of the left mouse button.

If you drag your selection area from left to right, only entities completely within the area are selected. If you drag from right to left, entities that are only partially within the area are also selected (a.k.a. cross selection).

For more advanced options, you can use the selection tool Select > (De-)Select Rectangular Area instead.

Selecting Entities Inside a Polygonal Area

Use Select > (De-)Select Polygon]Select > (De-)Select Polygon to select entities inside a polygonal area.

Selecting Entities Based on Geometrical Properties

The selection filter offers an advanced way to select entities based on type, attributes or various geometrical properties such as length, radius, etc. for a simple example, please refer to this tip about selecting texts by color. Just like most other selection tools, the selection filter offers different selection modes, allowing you to add to a selection, remove from a selection or intersect the result with the current selection (select only entities that meet the condition and are already selected).

Selecting Connected Entities

To select multiple entities that form a connected path, you can simply double-click one of those entities. Connected entities can be lines, arcs, polylines or splines. This can also be useful to check if entities that look connected on screen are actually connected or need to be trimmed.


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