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Post by fbryandavies » Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:21 pm

I am a serious Q-app user, with a least 4 QCAD repeated purchases. Very happy with your QCAD line, and would recommend it over Autodesk's free version!

QCAD3.24 has an immediate problem for me, as a laptop user with an extended Win10 desktop, since QCAD detects the horizontal size of the GUI as the COMBINED screen size of both laptop and accompanying monitor.

This causes all manner of problems for the GUI regarding polyline ops since the cursor is located incorrectly or not displayed.

Easy fix: disconnect the extended monitor by simply unplugging when bringing my QCAD up,plug monitor back and all is well!

Have I configured my machine incorrectly - previous QCAD versions work fine.
I cant be the only person with this little flaw, and it spoils the first appearance.

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Re: QCAD3.24

Post by andrew » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:26 pm

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce problems related to dual-screen setups here. It does appear that Qt 5.13 (the toolkit QCAD is based on) has various issues in connection with dual-screen setups. Perhaps the 32bit version of QCAD will work better for you as that still uses a much older version of Qt (5.5).

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