Spline representation

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Spline representation

Post by CVH » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:56 am

Win7pro Qcad3.23pro wininstaller

In the Attached file
Zoom in on the point in the red circle
Zoom further until the green circle fills the screen, grid spacing would be 0.001

The point is calculated by Qcad as 12.200 units from the startpoint.
But it displays as not being on the spline.
The cyan curve is the spline exploded to a polyline with 0.001 tolerance.

In fact, as we try to select the white curve we will be far less than 0.001 units from poly.
And about 0.002 units from the spline.

We see something similar with circles and arcs in deep zoomstates but less pronounced.
This is a known interpolation issue but also a speed issue.

Is it possible to have similar representation error as with circles and arcs?
And at what cost?
Spline representation isoff.dxf
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