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Global Z

Post by CVH » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:04 am

Andrew, All,

First: Could not keep this from the crowd.
Ever seen polylines like this.
It is just a tricky mix of properties. Filed bugreport. ... sk_id=1923

Playing with these properties I noticed something odd.
Setting Global Width will also set all segments Widths values.
Changing a segments Widths value set Global Width to empty.
As for 'No' or *VARIES*.
Setting all the segments Widths equal is reflected in Global Width.
And the most common form :
If all Widths are zero the general properties are used.

Just what we expect of it.
But this is not true for Z values.

Setting GlobalZ will set all vertices Z values.
Changing a vertex Z value will not change GlobalZ.
So with a Global Z there can still be local Z's.
Should I file a bug?

And yes, Qcad is 2D native.

I think Global Z = 'No' would be better. Global Width = 'No' too.
And for all having those 3D issues 'No' in flashy RED would be even better.
For that matter I would promote Global Z to a standard property for all types.
Displayed in the General Properties section. in flashy RED.
Sounds as a Feature Request.

Poly-bulge Global Z & local widths.dxf
(106.56 KiB) Downloaded 231 times

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