New CAM add-on for QCAD available

New CAM add-on for QCAD available: QCAD/CAM.

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New CAM add-on for QCAD available

Post by Clive » Fri May 31, 2013 11:14 am

CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing and typically involves a mechanism to create files that can be used to control various types of computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacturing machines.

QCAD/CAM adds CAM export capabilities to QCAD. A CAD drawing can be automatically exported to a previously configured output format such as the popular G-Code format. While only one configuration for G-Code output is included in this release, the CAM add-on can be configured to output virtually any format through its very powerful scripting interface.

If you have used the previous CAM product called CAM Expert in the past, you might recognize some of the features of this CAM add-on. This CAM add-on for QCAD is indeed designed to replace CAM Expert.

Please see here for more information:

You can order QCAD Professional or QCAD/CAM from our Online Shop and download the full version immediately:

Just like QCAD, QCAD/CAM is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Systems.

*For related QCAD/CAM Add-on questions and topics please use the new 'QCAD 3 CAM Add-On' forums.


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