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divide line into same length on qcad comunity edition

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:42 am
by ahmadraniri
Oke we all know that if we want to divide line into same length we can do it use "split entities" on qcad pro edition but we can do it too on qcad comunity edition, use a method. Here we go....

1. First select your line!
2. click scale or "SZ"shortcut !
3. define your focus point ! , I choose one of the end of line.
4. choose "keep original" and for factor x you can fill with 1/(your desire number) , if you want to divide into four parts, you can fill it with 1/4.
5. click ok!
6. you just need copy the result (the scaled line) and place it to end of potition then choose multiple copies as (your desire number - 1.
7. here we go, we had made our line.
PS: sorry for "confusing tutorial"