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QCAD Installation Linux Mint

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:31 am
by andrew
From a QCAD user:
I need to ask a stupid question. I'm Using Mint 64 bit 17.3 (KDE). Trying to migrate from to 3.16.4 to pick up some new featues. It looks like the installer completed
everything perfectly. See below -

QCAD Setup...
Making dir /root/opt/qcad-3.16.4-pro-linux-x86_64...
Copying files...
Installing mimetypes...
Installing mimetype icons...

Installing desktop menu entries...
Installing desktop icon...
Creating uninstall script...
Setting executable flag...

QCAD Setup finished.

Press Return to close this window..

- using konsole to view -
||||||||||||||| / # cd root
||||||||||||||| ~ # ls
Desktop opt
||||||||||||||| ~ # cd Desktop
||||||||||||||| Desktop # ls
||||||||||||||| Desktop # cd ..
||||||||||||||| ~ # ls
Desktop opt
||||||||||||||| ~ # cd opt
||||||||||||||| opt # ls

||||||||||||||| opt #

Installer did not remove old version. Everything (desktop) is unlocked. New version includes an uninstall script. New version won't run from menus. I've obviously missed something. Any help much appreciated. I love the program.

Re: QCAD Installation Linux Mint

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:36 am
by andrew
First, I'd recommend to install QCAD as user, not as root. QCAD will be installed into ~/opt.
The installer will not remove any previously installed version.
After installation, you can go to ~/opt/qcad-3.16.4-pro-linux-x86_64
To launch QCAD, go to that directory and launch the start script called qcad:

cd ~/opt/qcad-3.16.4-pro-linux-x86_64

The installer also creates a desktop icon. It does not, however, create any menus, start menu entries, etc. since these depend greatly on your window manager, configuration, Linux distribution, version thereof, etc.