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Added lines after Addline not functional

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 12:27 pm
by CVH

'We' are hatching these days and I pauzed flexpainter a bit.
I have a working idea to convert Tiles into hatch patterns like John Hyslop uses in AC.
Knowing me, its a firmly enhanced one. e_geek

I have a external pattern that doesn't work in Qcad:

Converted YUKONRUBBLE.PAT to a script drawing the line segments once.
4533 segments are added with addLine() in one transaction.
Script MyTool.js included.
C:\Program Files\QCAD\scripts\Misc\MyTool\MyTool.js
I misuse this script to fiddle around. :oops:

Running the script reveals nothing.
Select All will select segments :!:

Knowning this behaviour saved and reverted.
And there is the rubble.

What is wrong in MyTool.js

Thanks already,

Re: Added lines after Addline not functional

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:49 am
by andrew
This seems to work fine here. The script adds the lines to the current drawing. Perhaps an autozoom after running the script does the trick? Another common problem is drawing in the background color. This depends on your color / layer preferences.

Re: Added lines after Addline not functional

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:42 pm
by CVH
Running 3.23 !! Mentioned in the footer of the post.
I know I need to upgrade to .24 but that's always a heck of a work.

No, there is nothin there.
I know they are in quadrant 4 near the origin.
Somewhat @ 0.3,-0.1

Pointing and selecting in the void there is nothing selected.
Snapping to, nothing but the grid.
'draw' select excluding the origin. Nothing

Can add whatever I want as normal.
Can delete this again.
Can undo this, can undo the tool transaction.
Can FlexPaint what uses Addline too.

Select All
or Select Layers Entities
or 'draw' select including the origin
or simply 'draw' select a tiny area around the origin itself, eg. 0.01 by 0.01. :?:
All 4533.
But only Start- and Endpoint indicators.
No line segments.
All listed in Prop Editor.
Can set common General Props with no result.

All specific Props are obviously *VARIES*
Except Total Lenght = NaN :!:
Except Angle = 0 :!:

This behaviour is know to me as 'Null-entities'.
Save & Reverting, all fine.


Will come back on this after wiping Qcad.