System requirements for smoother work with large files

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System requirements for smoother work with large files

Post by btjacker » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:05 pm

Hi, I would like to draw and store many electric schemes(diagrams) in a one file.There are reasons for this. I can split them to more than one file, but than it has some disadvantages for me. I have created group of 10 schemes ang copied it 50 times to try if QCAD is able to handle such a big file. It works when zoomed in (even if editing a block used 100time in the drawing take few seconds to open an close). But when zoomed out, moving is very laggy.
1) I have changed switched 'display text as text' option to 'display text as paths' and this made a HUGE difference in speed. Now it is much more smoother. Is there any other option which could help to handle such a big files?
2) My computer is a basic office machine (i5, 8GB RAM, SSD hard drive, no dedicated graphic card). I have tried to open the same file on my colleague computer (i7, 16GB RAM, SSD, Dedicated graphic card) and the work in QCAD is litttle bit better, but I had expected better results. Is there any hardware component which have strong influence on QCAD "smoothness"? For exampke: It does not matter if the RAM is 8 or 16 GB because processor is always the limit.
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Re: System requirements for smoother work with large files

Post by Panchdara » Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:17 pm

Wow, I have a i7 5960x running 4.1ghz (32gig mem) an when your file is zoomed out is sloooooow! However when zooming in on a single area then it's fine. Now, I tried to open this file in AutoCAD 2016 - MAJOR FAILURE :( Initially AC asked to press Enter then it went into an error exception. So, perhaps there's something awry with your file? However, in QCAD, no error but slower than molasses in January when zoomed out.


edit: That being said, sorry, a 35mb file? Me thinks you're tearing it a little. I have a good sized building project in under 500k... you have 88638 entities... and looking at my tasks, Usermode Font Driver Host - so seems like there are too many text items for the application (at the zoomed out range).

Perhaps Andrew can figure your issue.

edit: further playing about - yup, you got too many entities for current QCAD snap 14. I tried with 20k entities and 3 blocks nested into 1 block with text and it slowed down quite a bit. I've not tried with AC on a test, but your file crashed AC. TBH, there has to be a limit - you are bouncing on the perimeter me thinks.
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