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Viewport in normal Block

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:09 pm
by Husky
Hi, maybe something to think about it ....

In the current QCAD Pro Version I'm unable to create a Viewport inside a normal Block. I imagine that is counterproductive for certain cases - here one example.

I have e.g. a simple gearbox - proper designed with Blocks for gears and housing. If the manufacturing involves two different company's then I have to provide a drawing for the gear to manufacturer "A" and a second drawing for the housing to manufacturer "B".
My drawing shows in Model space the assembling - consisting out of my blocks.
Husky-2017.11.15-01.png (28.91 KiB) Viewed 3626 times
If I could use a Viewport in a normal Block then it would be easy to prepare the print for Manufacture "A" and "B".
But I can't what means I have to insert again the gears and the housing in my Model Space to separate them. Only now I'm able to use the Viewport function.

Would it be possible to integrate the Viewport functionality also in a normal Block Space?

Re: Viewport in normal Block

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:59 am
by TSG
Hi Husky,

the new QCAD concept with model_space and paper_space needs a fundamental new concept of thinking.
I know it sounds obviously but you really have to do it.

Modell_space is "only" a pool with many entities. You don't have to consider layout aspects here anymore.
In your case it means: place your blocks anywhere in the model_space and create a separate paper_space for manufacturer A and another for manufacturer B.

just my 2 cents


Re: Viewport in normal Block

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:53 am
by Clive
I know Husky understands the concept of Model space and Layout/paper Space very well.

But as Thomas points out:

Create 2 layouts, one for 'manufacturer A' and a layout for 'manufacturer B'.

In layout A'' create the viewport you need (VT) by only using the layers and entities that you need, then in layout 'B' do the same.

The idea of being able to create a viewport block within a block may end up being messy to me.

Just my 2 cents too :)

Re: Viewport in normal Block

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:06 am
by Husky
Hi Guys - thanks for your input! :D

Yes, I think I understood the concept of using a Viewport. That is not the problem.

The problem for me is to accept that I have to do it twice. Maybe an old shool thinking but one of the reason why we use computer is that we never have to create something twice on a computer - we just use a "ready to go" content again and again. Yes, agree .... only in a perfect world but we should keep this idea in mind ... or not? :wink: