Free Hatch Patterns

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Re: Free Hatch Patterns

Post by John Hyslop » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:15 am

Hi All

I needed a fair bit of help with this one so credits to CVH for all the trials he did to make this pattern possible :)
Pattern design by myself and the hatch pattern generated with Tile2Hatch b17 Copyright CVH..
CVH Changed some of the entities so this pattern could hold steady at 100,000 tiles from datum.
Some of the line endpoints in this pattern don't touch, this was necessary to maintain a stable pattern at a distance..
PS I forgot to mention, this is a strange beast the Imperial master tile is not 1x1 it is 1 X 1.090909091
and in Metric it is 25.4 X 27.7090909114 [ This is a rectangular hatch tile ]
OK Now we have a pattern half the load and very stable, credits to CVH on this one see image..
Also keeping both patterns so people can see the difference a well thought out pattern can make...
And don't spend all your time thinking about the design :)
Just Copy new patterns over old ones...
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