Named layers and blocks

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Named layers and blocks

Post by [email protected] » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:04 am

I'm Linux community user qcad 2,05 on opensuse 13,1 installed in Intel Atom computer. This computer is file server, Linux application server, gateway to internet… at home 24 hour per day. Every my windows computer has Xing server. Then I simple connect to suse 13.1 via putty from any windows computer and run qcad direct in opensuse 13.1. It runs very well.
Some days ago I’ve install qcad 3,7 and disappointed with slow reaction to every click. Ok, new version, new features. But my suggest, do not trough out qcad 2. It is 99% of my every day needs. This program I prefer to Acad 2005 with some exception 10 years ago. I’m civil engineer and residential houses is my hobby at home.

The second my suggestion is about blocks and layers. I’m not using blocks, because it’s inconvenient to me. Some inconvenients are with layers too. I think that simple implementation would be some mixed unit. I suggest possibility to import dwg to read only single layer (overwrite existing) by dwg name. Modify exported back to dwg only. Therefore imported dwg should be stored in layer with its own layers, but not visible, because of simple implementation feature. I suggest this feature in qcad 2.

The third suggestion to introduce named layers to group existing layers. Named layers should be convenient hide/show un/lock whole group layers.

What I need to full satisfaction in qcad 2.05 is export visible restricted area to pdf. Qcad 3.7 I would leave for special using. It would be not every day used application for beginers like me.

My English is simple and far from fluent. But hope that you understood my suggestions.

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Re: Named layers and blocks

Post by andrew » Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:31 pm

I understand that QCAD 3.x will not perform well over an X11 link. The reason is that it uses double-buffering for the graphics view which means the X server will have to constantly transfer rather large bitmaps.
Perhaps, you can use another solution for your setup (e.g. a VNC server and client instead of X11).

QCAD 2.x is definitely no longer being developed by us.


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