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Existing customers who have purchased QCAD less than a year ago can access their personal download site anytime to download the current stable version of QCAD. Purchased e-books can also be accessed through the personal download site.

These step by step instructions guide you through the process of accessing your personal download site:

  1. Visit our Online Shop at
  2. Log in with your e-mail address and the password you have chosen when opening your account or click on the link "Forgot your password?" if you don't remember your password.
  3. Click "History and details of my orders":
  4. Click the PDF icon beside the appropriate order to download your invoice as PDF file.
  5. Click the appropriate order number to view order details:
  6. Your order details are now shown below. If this is not the case, please make sure that you are using an up to date browser and that JavaScript is not disabled in your browser. You can also try to download the software on a different computer or with a different browser.
  7. Click on the appropriate product to display your personal download site:
  8. Your personal download site is shown and you can download the latest version of QCAD Professional for your operating system. If you have purchased any e-books, they can also be downloaded from this site.
  9. If the download site does not seem to show the latest version of QCAD, please reload the page using the reload function of your web browser.
  10. All packages you download from your personal download site are fully functional and don't require a key, license file, registration or activation of any sort.
  11. Your personal download site stays open for one year.
  12. After installation, please make sure that you run the downloaded full version of the software and not a previously installed trial version. You might want to uninstall the trial version at this point if you haven't already. 

Notes for Windows Users

If you are using Windows, please make sure to uninstall any old installed version(s) of QCAD before you install a new version. Do not attempt to install a new version into the same directory of an existing installation.

Notes for Linux Users

If your browser displays the file you are trying to download, please right-click the download button and choose "Save As".

Notes for Mac OS X Users

When you are trying to open the installed application for the first time, it might show a warning about the application being from an "Unidentified Developer". The first time you start QCAD, please right-click the application icon and choose "Open". Then click "Open" again in the dialog that pops up. For more information about this Mac OS X behavior, please refer to the Apple web site.